New Time of Year…Same Great Race!

28 Aug

September 13, 2014

Join us again this year for the fourth annual Mission Possible 5K and help us raise money and awareness for Missions.  Register here .  Only 3 more days at the $30 price!!


Great run, great day!

12 May

So happy to have a beautiful day yesterday for our Mission Possible 5K! The weather was perfect running/walking weather.  Bring on the rain now! Thanks to everyone who came out and helped us raise funds or Missions!!!  Next year is coming up, so get ready…

Another Sponsor, Another Thank You!

29 Apr


Karla L. Gonzalez
(757) 660-6446

And They Keep On Coming…VERY Grateful

27 Apr

Another 2013 Sponsor!

Cleaning Ideas

Yay for another 2013 Sponsor!

27 Apr

Samantha Roper

Samantha Roper, Realtor


Thanks to our newest 2013 sponsor!

19 Apr


Run for Boston

17 Apr


Run tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.

Run for love and life and passion. I don’t care if you hate running and think it is the stupidest thing on planet earth. Just run. Because you are alive.

Then, run a race. You can walk 5K. Do it because you can. Find a race near you in the next week or three and pin on that number and run.

Tell others you are running. Ask them to join. Run for health and better living. Run because right now there is someone who wants to but literally cannot. Run to feel better physically and mentally

Run to show the violent that there not enough bombs in the world to stop you. Run to remember those killed today, and to show those injured that you will not forget them. Run to show the bombers that they will never win. Ever.

Run for Boston.

Run.via bloom


Thankful for our newest 2013 sponsor!

15 Apr

Legal Shield

Tshirt Deadline

15 Apr

April 21st is the last day to register and get a tshirt! Be sure to register in time to get one.  Not going to run/walk? You can order just the tshirt also right here.


Excited and thankful for our newest 2013 sponsor!

11 Apr

Sugar Times Two